Thursday, June 08, 2006


In the streets…in the halls…in the RB. Man oh man did I have an awesome time last night.

I love dancing, always have, and hopefully always will. So last night I got to go dancing. On my way to the lab I did a little bit of dancing (maybe it’s cause I was listening to my mp3 player he he he). Then I got to the dance lab, and the minute I walk in and put down my bag, B* a friend from the ward asked me to dance. It was a waltz, and I absolutely LOVE to waltz. The last time I danced with B* he was in 180, awkward and not a very good lead. He is in 280 now, and is definitely better. So that was fun. Then I said hello to Duke, and made small talk and some other people asked me to dance. I love the cha-cha!!! So then later, Duke asked me to dance, and again it was a waltz. Now I mentioned I liked to waltz, and when I did it with B* it was fun and all, but let me tell you it was 10x more fun with Duke. However, it was kinda hard because the dance floor was so crowded, but b/c he is such a good lead, we didn’t run into too many people. ;) I think that dance was my favorite. I think what comes in second was when a rumba started to play. Now I didn’t know how to rumba, but Duke comes up to me, and says “Alishka, how many dances have you danced?”

Me: “um, 5-6 or so. Something like that.”

Duke: “Well I need to take a break, or I would dance this one with you…”

And then he proceeds to take me over to a friend of his N* and introduces us and asks him to teach me how to rumba. So I learned the rumba last night. Definitely one of my favorite memories. I like the rumba. It was fun. ;)

Then Duke gave me a ride home. Which was so sweet cause I live in the opposite direction from his place, but he still offered. Which was really nice. Then I got to bed on time, and woke up to do my daily swimming this morning. All in all, last night was awesome. Good memories. This is what summertime and college are about. LOVE IT!!!!!!

p.s. i love it when my boss visits other offices, and then comes back and tells me to go and see b/c of the cool dance pictuers. she was right. Lois Greenfield my new favorite photographer.