Friday, June 16, 2006


so i feel SO much better! I went to see the Dance Trainer for the Y today, and he is a miracle worker. He did some things to my neck, re-aligned it kinda, and did a little bit of pressure applying, and it feels a lot better. huzzah.

another note- I swore I would never do my hair like this:
you know, the new look that is in, the pompadour look that is in? the one with your bangs poofed forward? mine isn't as big as this girls is
but i have done it. why might you ask? well, its what they want our hair to look like for the jazz piece i am in tonight. and so as to make my life easier, i decided to do it for my hair today because i don't want to do my hair twice. lame-o i know, but oh well. and if i do say so myself, it looks okay. but i don't know if i would ever do it again. we'll see i guess. ta ta!