Monday, June 12, 2006

i'm seein' green

green paper that is. not money. i am doing a mailing for the office, a 500+ mailing where i have to copy the newsletter, put a cover sheet on it that has the address on it, and then tri-fold it to be like pamphlet to mail. joy. i think i've done like much paper.

another note, i find that i get my hopes up really easily. see, last week i was eating lunch and i watched a girl from the flower shop on campus walk by with a bouquet of my favorite flower, gerbera daisies...and she was walking towards my office, my heart leapt and i semi-hoped that they would be for me, well i shouldn't have hoped cause they weren't. of course they weren't. i have no one that would send me flowers on a random day during the week. no boyfriend, and my p-rents wouldn't do that. maybe for my birthday, or after an audition or something, or even a performance, but for a random day to just give alishka flowers? not happening. so i shouldn't have even gotten excited, but i did. so now you know. really want to make my day? bring me a gerbera daisy to work and ask me out, or just bring me flowers. so yeah.

oh, an update, i had a date friday night. although (sad day) we didn't get to go up the canyon due to the ferocious weather. oh well, we made some good food, and played Life, which was fun. and we watched the wicked cool storm. it was a fun date, but i still like the other kid. sigh. and i think...that is all!