Monday, June 05, 2006

nature amazingness

so i had to run an errand for work, and i saw a snail. i kinda just wanted to sit there and watch it crawl on the cement towards the grass, but i had to keep going, but it was kinda neat to see it crawlin'.

on another note, Duke came over for Aebelskivers last night. i was soo excited that he came. While he was at my apt. he taught me the country cha-cha, which was way exciting. :D so yeah, my weekend was good.

on yet another note, dress rehearsal on saturday didn't go as long as i thought it was going to, but i was still tired after it. but i woke up on time, it was sad though, cause Director left at 12:30 for Milwaukee...we probably won't see her again for a while. sad day. but we have a new director and i am excited to get to know her. huzzah.

all in all life is splendiferic. i love life. so much fun. and yeah. that's about all folks.