Thursday, June 15, 2006


10: the time that i should be in bed, but i'm not, as well as the time we should have started the show, but didn't.
9: what time i was supposed to be at the high school, and what time i got home tonight
8: hundred milligrams of ibuprofin...the drug i have been on all day...
7: number of times i changed costumes today
6: the number of dances i am teachnically choreographed in for company, but alas due to my lead part i am in a lot more than that.
5: meals that i have eaten
4: shows that were run today.
3: different water bottles that i went through today, and that i rolled my ankle during angels.
2: times that i had a cartwheel contest and got the audience to clap for me ;)
1: kiss and cuddle session is all i ask for... okay, not all i ask for, but i wouldn't mind having a BF right now so i could just cuddle and relax.

so yeah...dress rehearsal today. bah. maybe i'll update more tomorrow...but for now that should do, i am going to bed.