Thursday, October 21, 2010

the weekend is sooo close...

I can smell it. I really can. This weekend is going to be awesome. Even if SwingKid is going to gone for most of it because of a funeral and I was really upset about this at the beginning of the week. Now! Now I have wonderful plans full of awesomeness and the such. :o)

All I have to do now is get through the 1.5 hours of work plus the 1 hour ballet class I have tonight. The ballet class will be cake. I love that class. It's one of my faves. :o) weekend looks a little like this:

tonight = Blue Tango night. I love dancing and I am SO looking forward to a night of letting loose.

tomorrow = sleeping in! (a little bit. not too much mind you. I have things to do! places to be! people to see!)
I also am thinking that I will make THIS for breakfast because I can and because I need something yummy to start my day off right. Then I plan on cleaning my room, doing laundry and giving the bathroom a good cleaning as well.  After all that I'll need to get all cute and stuff and I'll be heading up to SLC to have lunch with my lovely friends. I am really stoked about that part of my day.  After that I need to make some granola bars and rehearse my ballet company. Tomorrow evening I plan on making some cute cake pops and prepping for my kick-a Halloween ballet classes for next week. I will top the evening off with going to bed at a decent hour. :o)

Saturday = teaching my ballet company. I also plan on watching the BYU vs Wyoming game, going shoe shopping with Sister B and making cupcakes. The cupcakes are to celebrate 2 things. Thing1: my roommate's birthday on Sunday and Thing 2: my knee's birthday! That's right! My knee is turning ONE YEAR OLD on Saturday. :o) How awesome is that? Hard to believe it has already been a year. Go me.

Sunday = church, a nap, maybe making good food and basically chillin' out. :o)

So yeah. Should be a pretty good weekend. Full of good food, good friends, and new shoes (hopefully!)  Hope all y'all enjoy your weekend. Loves!!

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