Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Woes

Here is a small (not) list of my woes today. Sigh. Monday and I haven't been friends today.
  • I went to bed way too late to make waking up at 6 am acceptable this morning
  • I gave all of my close coworkers a caramel apple that I made w/SiwngKid's sister and sister-in-law on Friday...but didn't bring one for myself. So all morning peeps were eating caramel apples and i got none (until I went home for lunch.)
  • I am sleepy and want a nap
  • the program for entering orders (stupid stupid program) was running like molasses in January today. Seriously. Orders took me 2.5 hours to enter. It should have been more like 1.5
  • my nail polish is chipping. i redid my nails on Saturday. i am mad that it is chipping
  • I forgot something I was going to exchange at JoAnn's tonight. So it has to wait. Which means my project that i am working on has to wait. (although, honestly? i probably wouldn't have worked on it tonight anyways. it takes a TON of my concentration. I will post picks of it when I am done. because I am awesome like that)
  • my brain hurts because i am tired
  • I have to drive in CRAZY construction traffic to teach tonight. I hate traffic.
  • I am still sore from hiking the Y this past weekend. but it was SO worth it. SwingKid's a peach for taking me.
  • We don't have any plans for date night this week so I feel like I have nothing to look forward to when work ends on Friday evening. :o( My next two weekends though...those are going to be AWESOME.
  • I don't want to cook dinner...but I don't want leftovers today.
 hope your Monday has been better than mine!

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