Monday, October 18, 2010

because I had one of the worst weekends ever....

seriously. me and my sewing machine got in a fight. i surrendered. basically....(I hate admitting this, but I can't lie...) I ALMOST finished my project but then my machine decided to hate on the invisible zipper foot. So instead of crying anymore about this project (many tears were shed this weekend) I am mailing it to my mommy and she is going to put the zippers in the project for me. (and probably hem it too since it will take her like a blink of an eye to do it, where as it would take me hours) I am still very proud with how much I got done and what I have produced. Sometimes, you just have to admit defeat and ask for help. Sigh. Luckily, I know it is going to look awesome and my mom is amazing. :o)

and now, just to remind my self that I am loved I bring to you:

Little Things That Make Me Grin Like A School Girl

  • simple text messages from my boy. these make me warm and fuzzy for days!
  • even 5 minutes with him is better than nothing! although, i would rather spend more time with him of course!
  • having a tickle fight. (even if I always lose)
  • when he randomly stops by work to say hi and give me a kiss (especially on the HARD days)
  • when he humors me and my crazy ideas for date nights (for example - friday night, we made a fort and read children books inside said fort. It was AWESOME and he loved it.)
  • songs that make think of him
Anyways. Even when days are hard, if I remember any of these little tidbits I am happy again. :o) Yay Love!

ps. aren't these mugs AWESOME! I think I need one. :o)