Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Hate....

So....remember how i LOVE me my Thursdays? (I seem to express this sentiment quite frequently...) well...currently I hate wednesdays. Awhile ago I talked of my love/hate relationship with this particular day of the week, but right now I just HATE it.

Reasons why I hate Wednesdays this week...

  • it's a long day, especially today where i'm working 8 hours
  • i teach my least favorite ballet class (only partly their fault)
  • no SwingKid due to that stupid double shift
  • It's the freakin' middle of the week. furthest from the past weekend and yet...not quite the current weekend.
  • there's no Roommate R to take away the pain
  • tomorrow is cleaning check day which means i have to do cleaning checks tonight. :P
that's just a small list...but truly, I'm not happy it's Wednesday and I can't WAIT for tomorrow to be here, let alone the weekend! :-)