Thursday, May 07, 2009


I LOVE Thursdays. They are great days. It's right before the weekend, so work goes by fast because the office is busy. (i get phones calls from dentist offices, and most dentist offices are closed on Fridays, so Thursday is the day before the weekend for them. thus us being busy.)

Also, I teach an advanced ballet class on Thursday nights and I really like said ballet class. I have a good report with those students and I just plain love being with them.

On other news...SwingKid and I were brainstorming ideas for our double date with Bassbob and his GF tomorrow night. during said brainstorm...SwingKid sent me the following email:

there's icescream.
there's ice skating
ice sculpting, though we'd need a chain saw
I'll keep thinking

(that was a poem)

he he he. wasn't that cute? a poem...about ideas that are all "ice" ideas. i love it. :-) just about as much as i love him.

And on that note...i hope all y'all enjoy your fabulous Thursday!