Friday, May 29, 2009

je m'appelle....

so. i'm pretty much a girly girl most of the time. ask my friends, mom, heck - ask SwingKid he knows I'm a girly girl. (but he likes it)

anywho...i'm a girly girl, and as such I've thought of kids names for my future kids since i was like...5. Here's my confession - girl names come so easily for me. boy names? not so much. in fact, i've never been a fan of having to pick boy names.

in fact, i've already picked my first daughter's name. it comes from a book. it's the name of a dragon. but it's pretty. but i won't tell that to you here. you might steal it, and i can't have that. not when i've dreamed of that name forever.

however, i was sitting at home the other day, just reading away when a name popped into my head. first and middle! it has sentimental value, sounds good, AND it's a boy's name!!! go figure! again, i'm not going to give it away here....i don't want anyone stealing it even if it is slightly common.

have you thought of kids' names before? if you were to have a kid tomorrow (boy or girl) what you name them? if you care to...share, i know i'm to selfish to share my names, but i'd love to hear yours!!


From: Nema's Scribe said...

you're silly. do you mean the dragon from eragon? if so, that is a good book! i haven't really thought of names- babies scare me