Wednesday, May 27, 2009

from hate to love

so...last week i proclaimed my strong hate for Wednesdays. Today, I proclaim my love.  See, I think it's because this week is only a 4-day work week. (Hallelujah!) Which means today, while being Wednesday, only feels like Tuesday, and then tomorrow is Thursday, and I Love love LOVE Thursdays. should be a good day.

Park City on Monday was pretty fabulous. I had a wonderful time walking around with SwingKid in the sunshine, stealing kisses on the street and in the department stores, modeling clothes and shoes for his opinion and I made some great purchases! I bought some suit shorts that are really nice, comfy and were cheap to boot! I also got some new sandals (a summer must), a fossil watch that's adorable, and an arm band for my phone and keys when I go running.

Last night SwingKid and I went running.... 1.5 miles. I thought I was going to die, but at the same time it felt REALLY good. I'm hoping to do the same run again later today. Go me! 

All things considered, life is pretty great right now. And now I'm headed to institute. I haven't been in ages because of work...but I'm excited to go today! :-)