Monday, May 11, 2009

to my friend...

Today is my good friend, chillygator's birthday. She is fabulous. Don't believe me? go to her blog...where she talks of fun things with pretty pictures that she takes herself. (she is FABULOUS!!)

Chilly and I met through a series of crazy circumstances, (read: the internet and breakups) but have grown closer together over the past year or so (can you belive it's been a year chilly?!). She's a great person, friend, and lover (actually, i'm not sure about that last part - but i'm pretty sure she is...).

Chilly likes to travel the world and is currently celebrating her birthday in Prague and Europe (JEALOUS!!!). If you want to make her day even more fabulous than it already is, stop by her blog and comment, take her to some fabulous broadway show, or take her out for pizza. :-)  



Katria said...

Don't you worry. She's the best and most loyal lover I'VE ever had.