Thursday, February 19, 2009


It's Thursday. I love me some Thursday.

Just a quick little update about my knee - it still hurts. Okay, besides that rehab is going swimmingly. I have a love/hate relationship with the training room. Lately more hate then love. It's torture in there guys, PURE torture. After they warm-up my knee and ultrasound it (not like having a baby ultrasound but rather sending waves into my leg to the muscle/ligament) they play with it, or massage it if you will. It hurts. Then I have to swing my legs at the end of the table and that is NOT a happy thing to do. After all of that I have 3 exercises I have to do to help strengthen my knee one of which is to ride a stationary bicycle for 5 minutes. This exercise is the WORST one that I have to do. I swear I'm going to keel over and die during that exercise. Then it's back to the table where I get an ice massage (oh not happy day) and taped and wrapped back up. YUCK.

However, I am walking normal (well, attempting to, the doctor ordered it) and trying to not be in pain, but that only works sometimes. I'm hoping to be back to more normalcy soon, but we'll see what my knee decides to do. Until then... HAPPY THURSDAY!