Wednesday, February 11, 2009

That one Day where we celebrate Love

So.... SwingKid is leaving me tomorrow to go to Indianapolis to help his sister. (I want to hate him, but I really can't. He's going for such selfless reasons....)

Anyways, he leaves tomorrow and comes back on Tuesday...thus missing Valentine's Day altogether. My first time having a significant other on this day and he's going to be GONE. Not that I'm bitter or anything....

Due to this sad, depressing fact SwingKid and I celebrated Valentine's Day last night. :o) After teaching I met him at his brother's house and I gave him his present. It's a 101 + reasons why I love you jar. With over 101 reasons why I love him inside. He loved it. He gave me a single pink rose and then a picture of the Veronica Mars Season 1 DVD because he bought me the first season to Veronica Mars. See...ever since we started dating he's been trying to convince me to watch this show. Well, he took matters into his own hands for Valentine's Day and poof. Veronica Mars is on it's way to my house. We watched the pilot and first episode at his brother's house (who has the first season) so that was fun times. He succeeded in getting me hooked onto it.

Now I just have to survive almost a week without him. I survived Christmas break, I can do this....right?