Monday, February 09, 2009


Is it really Monday? It only sort of feels like it should be Monday. Let me illustrate:

Reasons Why it feels like Monday:
1. the weather is definitely making it feel like monday. stupid snow.
2. i don't WANT to be at work.
3. I don't want to teach (actually, this mostly because i'm being observed tonight...I hate being observed)
4. i have the munchies. the monday munchies
5. i can't type at all. seriously. it's a bad typing day.

Reasons Why it DOESN'T feel like Monday:

1. i'm rather chipper today. Granted, I'm chipper most days Monday or not.
2. i got 50 thousand (might be a slight exaggeration) things done during my 3.5 hour break. unusual for one to be so productive on a Monday...
3. I already have my weekend all planned out...even with SwingKid going to Indianapolis for the weekend (I only slightly hate him for it.)
4. i don't think i really got a weekend this past weekend because of being in the theater all weekend.

Okay...maybe it is Monday. My Is list outweighs my IS NOT list....but oh well. It just hasn't felt that much like a Monday. That is...until 20 minutes ago. Sigh. Here's to Monday finishing quickly.