Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am hating on the question "What are your plans post-graduation?" Really people? I'm just trying to get to graduation. I'll worry about my plans later. PLUS it's not like I can get a job NOW for after graduation. Well, I sort of have one...but still.

Other questions that others are asking me or I'm asking others....

"When are you getting married?" - suck it people. I'll decide when I want to get married and it's none of your business why I'm not married yet even though I've been dating someone for a while. (read: SwingKid) Seriously....we'll get married when we're ready and guess what? we're not ready. yet.

"Why?" I always hate this question.

"How can I help?"

"Is there anything I can do?" i ask this every month in visiting teaching and others ask it of me...but really....when does one ever have anything you can do?

"How do you know that?"

"Do you really know 'x' ?"

but the biggest one I have right now is....

What do you do for someone you love but is struggling spiritually? Or even, how do you deal with struggling spiritually? How do you overcome your fears and the attacks of Satan?

If you have any insight to this that would be great.


connie said...

As one with considerable experience I suppose I could go on and on. But the short answer is hold on to that shield of faith!
Remember the times of strong spiritual experiences, there are certainly more to come, as sure as the sun will rise.

To help another, love them, be a true friend, laugh with them, testify of what is appropriate if you can...

Don't know if that is anything new, but just a few quick thoughts for ya.

Wiwi Kalawi said...

You know, I think people would have driven me insane had I been living in Provo and not proposed to Jen after three weeks of dating. I know a lot of people sure were trying their best to make her doubt I would ever ask after four months. It wasn't the right time yet, but now it is.

My favorite question right now in regards to Jen moving up here is, "So is she moving in with you?" And then when I say no, giving me an opportunity to be the law of chastity's poster boy.

You are great Alicia! Encouragement, patience and a whole lot of charity can solve just about anything.

Patrick, Adrienne, & Bella said...

pray pray pray pray pray pray, call the temple and have the name put on the... PRAYER... rolls... pray pray pray, read your scriptures read your scriptures pray pray pray. and sometimes you have to just let them be. but pray pray pray pray pray in the meantime :)