Saturday, September 20, 2008

a lovely evening

Tonight was a wonderful night. SwingKid and I had a wonderful date planned in which we had dinner together and then attended BYU's World of Dance. Some of you might remember last year in which I was extremely disappointed.  That was definitely not the case this year. Many of the groups did pieces I had never seen before, I knew a majority of the cast, and overall I enjoyed every piece.  The best part is that SwingKid also enjoyed much of the show.  Also, he looks very good when told to "dress nice." ;) A blue button up with brown slacks is very good looking on my man. I like it. :)

Sigh...after World of Dance ended SwingKid and I took a nice little walk to the new Hinckley building on campus. It was fun and an absolutely gorgeous, perfect evening for such a walk. Sigh. I'm pretty content right now.