Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My beautiful Chillygator tagged me this morning. I guess she wants me to blog more...or something. So, I'm obliging her wishes and giving you six things about me that maybe (?) you don't know.

1. I am not taking any ballet classes this year. This is the first time that I haven't been enrolled in some ballet class since I was 5 years old. That's a long time folks. Not gonna lie, it's been kind of nice not having ballet lately. Modern is enough for me!

2. I am scared stiff to fly home for Christmas. It scares me that I have to get on a plane and have luggage and all that stuff. You know what would make it better? This beautiful luggage set. ;)

3. I can eat a lot. Seriously, if I am hungry, I can hold my own when it comes to eating lots of good food.

4. I don't drink milk. It makes me sick. I like it in things, but I cannot just drink a glass of milk. ewww.

5. I like photo shoots. A lot. I think they are fun. I enjoy putting my face in front of a camera. :-)

6. I have a think for shopping for shoes. I love shoe shopping. I love buying new shoes and I love wearing those new shoes with a cute (preferably new) outfit! Yay for cute new shoes.

Now...I tag any of you who read this and feel inspired to blog more about you and not just what you do. :-) Ready....Set....GO!!!!


Krishna said...

Seriously though- a new luggage set would only make you feel worse. They don't take that great of care of your luggage, so it'll get marks and bangs all over it. Then you'll just be sad when it gets messed up. Yipes!

Matt and Amber said...

That luggage just SCREAMS you - all over it ;)