Wednesday, September 03, 2008


So happy right now. :-) Today was a great day, even though I came home in somewhat of a sour mood...but in the end, and looking back on today, it has been pretty fantastic.

My favorite part of my day today has been hanging out with my new roommates (a post coming soon, I promise) and then going to visit SwingKid and watching I Am Legend with him, his brother, and parents. Even thought I have seen this movie before, I still jumped, got nervous with anticipation and hid my head into SwingKid's chest...not that he minded, I'm sure. After the movie ended SwingKid's Mom, SwingKid, and I all had a nice little conversation and then enjoyed a rap movie based off the book Breaking Dawn. Now, I warn you, there are spoilers in this rap video, so please don't watch it if you don't want the entire book spoiled for you. Enjoy y'all!


Vicky said...

That was pretty funny. "Otter Pop" was my favorite part. But I have to say that I really didn't think the ending of Breaking Dawn was lame. Maybe not action-packed, but not exactly lame, either. Oh well. Funny rap anyway.