Sunday, September 21, 2008


I have been promising, people have been asking, and I am finally now introduction to my new apartment of Roommates!

In the middle of August one week before my family left me I said good-bye to Roommate S, Roommate C, Roommate A, Roommate H and Roommate E. I still talk to all of them all the time, and Roommate A and I hang out from time to time. 

My new roommates are cute girls and I do get along with them quite fantastically. There is Roommate J, Roommate R, Roommate M, Roommate LX and Roommate LZ. They are fun girls. 

The stats on the girls.... 2 are sophomores, 3 are freshman. 1 is from Utah, 1 is from Idaho, 1 is from Oregon, 1 is from Virginia and 1 is from Maryland.  4 of them are blondes, 1 is brown-blonde like myself.  3 of them are sort of dating someone, but they are weird relationships. They all graduated from High School in the past 2 years, while I have been out of high school for 4 years. I am 3 years older than most of them, 2 years older than the rest of them. I am definitely seen as "old" (in a good way) and could also be considered the "mother" of the apartment.  

I love my roommates, I really do. They are a lot of fun to talk to and do things with, but they are young. VERY  young. There are many times when I just want to escape and do things with just SwingKid. Lucky for me, he's usually willing to oblige. he he he. 

Anywho, there you go. The low down on Roommates J, R, M, LX, and LZ. I'm sure there will be many more stories pertaining our adventures, so stay tuned!!


Heather said...

Maryland is a pretty cool place to be from. ;) And Virginia isn't bad either.