Saturday, September 06, 2008

Leggo my Eggo!!

So...back in the day I saw these commercials on TV and though, "Hey, those look pretty good!" However, my mother would never buy me Eggo waffles so I never got the chance to truly try them and see if they were as amazing as they seemed to be on TV. family moved. When they moved, I inherited much food from both my parent's and my grandpa's fridges and freezers. In one of those freezers (grandpa's) were strawberry flavored Eggo waffles. I was SUPER excited to get the chance to try Eggo waffles and see if they really were as amazing as the commercials made them seem.

They weren't. Honestly, it was like eating strawberry cardboard. They weren't fluffy like real waffles. They just weren't any good. Lucky for me, I didn't pay for these Eggo waffles...otherwise I would probably be just a smidgen upset.

My mom must have known what she was doing when she decided to not listen to my pleas. She must have known that those Eggo waffles weren't as good as homemade waffles...and like always, mom was right. :-)