Thursday, November 11, 2010


I am soooo sleepy. I have had too many late nights with SwingKid this week. (late night = 11pm or later bedtime)

I have lots of plans to get lots of sleep tonight and tomorrow night and the next night....etc etc etc. We'll see how this really works out for us. :o)

Also. It is Thursday and so far it has been crazy in the office. I'm going to die I'm sure of it.

In other news SwingKid was supposed to be on a plane this morning to meet his family in Disneyland....but he missed his flight. We're crossing our fingers hoping he'll still make it so he can enjoy a few days in the sun but it is not looking good right now. sad day for him. :o(

finally...I have some awesome things planned for the next couple of days since SwingKid was going to be/hopefully will be in Disneyland. Dinner with a friend, sister bonding time, sleeping....:o)

That is all. Random thoughts I know. but I'm tired. that's what you get. Randomness.

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Sandra said...

You had me at ballerina in your profile. The picture is just gorgeous!