Tuesday, November 16, 2010


several years ago I got my top two wisdom teeth out.  (there was room for the bottom ones, to they left them in)

then a couple of years ago my bottom wisdom teeth started to come in. I remember the pain...sort of.

and now, either my tooth sunk and is recoming in, or it's just coming more or something...but my bottom left wisdom tooth is coming in and it HURTS. seriously y'all....I'm dying. I'm taking tylenol and using orajel....but nothing seems to be helping. It hurts to eat. (which is no fun)

so today at work i'm a little ornery and I'm tired but that's because i'm stupid. no worries. i learned my lesson. maybe.

in any case, i am not feeling like participating in ten on Tuesday today. maybe I'll use the questions for a post later this week. all i know is that i feel like crap. sorry. hope your day is  better than mine.

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Anonymous said...

Use Hylands Teething Tabs for infants! Walmart , CVS,ect. I run a daycare! I know they work!!!!