Monday, November 29, 2010

stupid snow

I'm blaming the snow for the reason why i am so freakin' tired right now.

See, I have a window in my bedroom. (I love windows. They make my heart happy) and while I don't get a ton of DIRECT sunlight, I do get some of the street lamp/sidewalk lamp light in through my window.  Now, because there is about 10" of snow on the ground, the lights reflect and create this orangish glow in my bedroom that made it SO difficult to fall asleep. Pretty much, it was the worst thing ever. Normally I love the snow-glow. Especially when there are big huge snowflakes falling down and I'm on a walk with SwingKid.  However, last night was not the time for a snow-glow to be lighting up my room. It sucked.

That is all. I have 3.5 more work days to get through + 4 Christmas Elementary school assemblies to get through before my weekend. Joy.

I'm not bitter. yet.

two years ago