Monday, June 21, 2010


Today is the first day of Summer, in more ways than one.

Way one: summer solstice. most obvious and necessary for Summer to happen.

Way two: the ballet school year is OVER. After a marathon of FOUR shows in one day, I am done for the next 8ish weeks. WOO HOO!!! No more teaching after work. I love teaching and all, but I definitely need the break. fo'sho'.

Anyways. That's what I did this weekend. It felt like my weekend disappeared in a flurry of tutus and the same ballet music over and over and over.

this morning I was up WAY too early for any normal person to take Sister B to the airport. She is currently on her first leg of her journey to Ireland. I'm way excited for her. She's going to have a blast. :o)

And now, I best be back to work. I'm tired as all get out and can't focus, but I'm still going to try and work. ha.

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