Thursday, June 03, 2010

FYI: I might die from butt-hurting

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I mentioned this a couple of days ago. This is still a possibility, although the probablity has lessened quite a bit. After sitting in a car for 12 hours on Friday, several hours on Sunday (church+graduation) and then another 12 hours on poor rear-end is not happy. the good news is that sitting at work is getting easier.

Also, I'm working on a recap from my little trip. Some funny, funny things were said. At least, *I* think they were stay tuned for that little post that should be coming...eventually. Not being at a computer from Thursday evening to Tuesday morning meant I had 90 unread emails and 243 unread blog posts to read - and that was just my PERSONAL inbox. I had a work inbox to get through as well. It was quite the daunting task. :P

However, I do have on fun, new thing that I wanted to post. Have you heard of the Day Zero project? I found out through a blog that I stalk and decided to take the plunge and do it. What is the Day Zero project? Well, it's a project concept that was started by a blogger from New Zealand in 2003 that is meant to challenge, encourage and inspire you to set and achieve 101 personal goals and accomplish them in 1001 days.

This sounded pretty awesome to me because 1) 1001 days? that equals about 2.75 years. This means your goals can be short term, mid-term, or long term. and I liked that. A LOT. 2) 101 goals? Yes, it's a lot of goals...but that's what so awesome about it. Couple that many goals with the number of days and you'll feel like you're getting some things done in the next few years. Take it from me, a year out from college graduation and I'm STILL trying to figure out what I want to be doing short term and long term. I have an amazing job situation and a great boyfriend, but beyond that...what do  I want to be achieving in my life? This project is assisting me to do fun, challenging, different and interesting things by setting goals to complete in a certain amount of time. Instead of saying, "Oh I'll do that SOMETIME," I'm saying "I'm going to do this and have it done by THIS date." And that my internet friends, is AWESOME!!!!

Anyways, I HIGHLY recommend this project for anyone looking for a way to set, track, and achieve certain goals in a certain amount of time. My list can be found HERE. Feel free to steal some of my goals or just use them as inspiration for your own. Some of my goals may seem vague to you, but they make sense to me, and that's what matters. :o) I'm REALLY excited about this project and will try to keep you posted on my progress.


Kara C said...

I love the idea of these lists! I have one of my own, but I gave myself more days and less goals :P (96 in 1096!)

You list sounds awesome! I like the balloon idea!