Monday, June 28, 2010

Musings on a Monday

Musings is an interesting word. I like the way it sounds and then makes me think "hmmm..." Do you have a word you just love?

Anyways. Back to the topic. Musings on a Monday.Things I'm thinking about in no particular order:

  • my weekend was fabulous. camping was awesome, the weather was perfect, I sat in the sun. Basically I love my summer weekends.
  • I love sitting in the grass and watching the clouds float by. I did this several times this weekend. I love grass. 
  • three year-olds are adorable and i love them. I also love their seemingly endless energy.
  • cheesecake makes my clothes shrink. or at least i think it will. sigh.
  • I get really upset when someone stands me up. They've apologized, but I'm still holding a grudge. too much? should i just forgive them? i mean, it's said and done now....but still i keep thinking of ways to make them pay but then that makes me feel bad. :P
  • I'm getting a new phone! My mommy put it in the mail today. I can't wait for it to get here! :o)
  • I love getting mail. Makes my heart happy.
  • My bestest friend gets home from her mission at the end of August. I'm rather stoked for this.
  • I need to see Toy Story 3. Pronto.
  • I'm excited to go to the gym this week. This is a good thing to be excited about.
well...there you go. musings on a monday. what are you musing about right now?

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