Thursday, March 18, 2010

text or alarm?

So i went to bed around midnight last night (I know, I know  - a little late) BUT that's not the point. THe point is I went to bed and started to fall asleep. I was in that place of just before sleep and being awake when dreams are awesome. During this time I felt like I had fallen asleep and slept for a nice amount of time.

My phone goes off, and being in the state it was I TOTALLY thought it was my alarm clock even though it was just a text message. I rolled out of bed to snooze the alarm when I realized it was a text message, opened my phone up and looked at the time to see: 12:25. I totally thought I had gone to bed for SEVERAL hours when in reality I hadn't even been in bed for more than 15 minutes. I gladly went back to bed, conked out and rolled out of bed 7 hours later. Yes, I woke up late this morning. oh well, I got to work on time and that is what matters.


The Boob Nazi said...

I love and hate when that happens. Love because you still have SO MUCH SLEEP but hate because you got woken up!