Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Remember how I was going to do ALL of my To-Do list yesterday?

Well...I didn't. BUT I HAVE A GOOD REASON!!!

It was SwingKid's sister's birthday yesterday and I was invited to the party. I love parties. I'm such a fan of his family. They are great fun.

Dinner was FABULOUS. I tried salmon. I've only tried it once before and I wasn't a fan - but it was only a bite. Last night I tried a small little portion of the salmon and it was...okay. I don't think I'm a huge fan of it. However, I have officially tried it and I would eat a tiny bit again, but I wouldn't ever ask for it on purpose. The rest of the meal was amazing. There was a REALLY good salad, amazing rolls, and grilled asparagus which was my favorite part. :o) Also, there was angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream (the homemade awesome stuff).

So back story - I have NEVER liked milk. I hate drinking the stuff it makes me sick to my stomach. I don't put anything on my cereal (yes, I eat it dry WHEN I eat cereal) and I buy the smallest, cheapest milk I can find because I just don't drink it. I love milk products - ice cream, cheese, yogurt, etc. and they don't seem to bother me.

Well, as of late, my tolerance for milk products is diminishing. EXAMPLE: SwingKid and I made ice cream sundaes a couple months ago with this AMAZING hot fudge sauce who's main ingredient is Evaporated Milk. Well, after eating a lion's share of the fudge AND ice cream, I found my tummy not too happy with me. Also, SwingKid has accidentally made my hot chocolate with milk instead of water and my tummy is never happy aftwerwards.

Well, I wasn't really thinking last night when eating the best birthday cake ever - and I ate more than my share of the whipped cream...and I paid for it last night. My poor, poor tummy was in a hating mood. I woke up feeling fine this morning, but I've got to remember to watch my milk intake. I probably should go to a doctor and find out how allergic/lactose intolerant I am...but that requires having a normal family practice doctor to begin with....any suggestions?? When I was at the Y it didn't matter,  because I just went to the Health Center, but now that I'm all grown up and have real-life health insurance and stuff, I need a doctor. sigh.

also, this turned into a really long post and if you're still reading I'm impressed. Are you lactose intolerant? Do you have a doctor you recommend I go see?

p.s. I changed the look of my blog again. I get so bored with it all the time. although all you google readers probably don't notice that I change it, but I do, and that's all that matters. Yay for free blog backgrounds from the cutest blog on the block


cspokey said...

I call myself slightly lactose intolerant, although I'm probably more than slightly. Last year I did talk to my family doctor about it and he said there was an expensive test I could do to discover if I was lactose intolerant or not, or I could do this simple test: go one week without dairy products. No milk, no cheese, no anything. At the end of the week, have a glass of milk. See what happens.

It was insanely hard for me to go a week without cheese. But, I made it. And I had a glass of chocolate milk because I DO NOT like the taste of regular milk. Yuck. And I had a horrible stomach ache. I still have things like ice cream and cheese, but I try to just have moderation, and I'm fine.

So, to summarize: you can go to a doctor, but the test is really expensive, and might not really be worth it. Try a simple at home test, and decide for yourself what to avoid and what you can handle.

Hope this helps!