Monday, March 29, 2010

Bring It On

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "oh my gosh they have made so many 'Bring it On' movies, I just might puke. And ABC Family LOVES to keep making MORE of them..."

but really, this post is not about some cheerleader changing high schools and having to spice up a new squad's routine in order to beat out her old high school.

No, this post is about this week. I'm READY for you! Bring it on!!!

In other news I have basically accomplished my entire list minus a few items that I have put onto today's to do list. I'm pretty sure I can do ALL of these tonight. In fact, I'm GOING to, because I am awesome like that.

So Monday, you've got nothing on me. I'm ready to kill you in one foul swoop. :o)

  • clean mirror in room
  • Finish my taxes (they've been basically done for WEEKS now, i just have to "sign" them)
  • make one purse (I tried to do this yesterday, but a certain boy distracted me) (ps the other purse I made is freaking adorable and I'm in love with it.)
  • make chocolate truffles that i've been wanting to make for months
  • plan this week's meals 
  • create a new awesome lesson plan for the month of April.
  • organize spice cupboards
  • Grocery Shopping