Thursday, August 13, 2009

hmmmm.... has been busy as of late.

Moving does that to such a one as I. Someday I'll be able to close my closet door and see the floor of my new room; until then, i'll keep seeing boxes.

so...because i am lazy - a bullet list of events and such :

  • something is making me sneezy. i sneeze a lot, loudly, but not super often. if that makes any sense. probably not, but oh well

  • i hate moving. boxes are awful.

  • i hate cleaning an apt. after moving. stupid managers....

  • i have a new car. after the deal-io with Flounder (the cute yellow car) I am now the owner of a 2002 Bronze Toyota Camry that i have dubbed Scuttle. Pictures will be forth coming. If I can ever find my camera.

  • i now live 6 minutes (vs. 20) from SwingKid. AWESOME

  • i have a good job.

  • said job has been busy.

  • my head hurts

  • my knee needs to heal

  • people need to figure out what's going on with teaching and BU2. I'm going crazy here.

  • there are 23 days until BYU football kicks off. WOO HOO! GO COUGARS!
that's all for now folks. hopefully i can be more entertaining in the future...