Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Marvels

So today's Monday Marvels comes from my Sunday School lesson yesterday. At one point, the teacher passed around pretzels for everyone to have as a little snack and said they would tie into the lesson. We were discussing prayer and how it brings the Holy Ghost into our lives, and he read us this little story about pretzels and how it can be a reminder of prayer.

In about 610 A.D. a very creative Alpine Monk decided to make use of the pieces of dough left over from baking bread. The Monk formed them into thin strips folded into a looped twist to represent the folded arms of children in prayer.

This scrumptious treat was given to the children as they learned their prayers. They began calling the treat "Pretiola", which is Latin for "little reward". Soon it was known the world over as a pretzel.

The secret of making great pretzels is not only in the baking but also in the shaping. We, like pretzels, are made from the best ingredients, by the best hands available, the hands of our Father in Heaven.

Have you ever seen a broken pretzel, or one that's lost its shape? We too, can lose our shape when we don't pray always to keep our spirituality intact. Even in the midst of our greatest trials, we must remember, as did Job, to call on the Lord. The simple shape of the pretzel, arms folded in prayer, reminds us to pray each day. Our "Pretiola" or "little rewards" are the blessings we receive.

Every time you see a pretzel, remember prayer. Check to see if your arms are often folded in prayer and have not lost their shape.

How cute is that? I really liked that little story. I hope it brings a smile to you face today. Man. Now I want a big, huge pretzel from a pretzel stand....