Sunday, August 30, 2009

WARNING:: TMI ahead....

Well folks...

I DID IT!!!! I finished the 5k portion of the triathlon! I am AWESOME!!! :o) my butt hurts. A LOT. At the end of the triathlon they had people from the Provo School of Massage Therapy there to give the race participants massages. It was awesome. They rubbed out my glutes (just a little bit) and my right calf (which was so tight due to the knee injury i'm still dealing with).

Overall, my experience was really awesome. The second lap of the course that I had to do was really hard, but I pushed through and I even sprinted through the finish line! That's how awesome I am. :o) There are some pictures on Facebook, so if we are friends you can check them out there under pics of me!

After the triathlon I crashed on my living room floor and SwingKid showed up to congratulate me. It was very sweet. We got to hang out for a couple of hours before we both had to finish our tasks for the day. Mine consisted of taking a nap and a long, hot bath in my jetted tub. :o) Then Roommate R (she might need a new name...we aren't really roommates anymore) and I went to CPK (only my favorite restaurant ever) and then to the dollar theater to see My Sister's Keeper. oh man. I totally cried. I think everyone in the theater was crying. Such an intense movie. Go see it. It's beautiful.

Now here I am, waiting for church to start...which doesn't happen until 1:30pm. UGH! It's SO LATE! but at least I have a day to sleep in. That is very nice and happy. :o) butt still hurts.