Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Giggles

So my dear friend Angie posted this: yesterday Thursday Giggles: Personalized Version where she talks about Romance By You website. This incredible website allows you, for only $39.95 + shipping, to help write your very own personalized romance novel! Simply fill in the blanks: girl's and boy's names, toss in a couple of physical characteristics, an exotic locale or two, and presto! You've got yourself a story.

As a guilty pleasure yesterday, I spent a few minutes personlizing a couple of the titles to get a preview of what the best novel might be. I personally fell in love with the title Pirates of Desire.

For your reading pleasure this Friday (i'm sitting all alone at the front desk. Solitude is very lonely) I'm providing you with one of the 3 chapter excerpts that you can preview from this book. So so so so Funny!!

from the book itself: (warning. this part is slightly scandalous...but it's not bad. at least, i don't think so. i just crack up every time i read it.)

Chapter Ten ... Love triumphs for Lady Alishka & Swing (the bold parts are what I put in, they say on the site that they won't be bold in your printed novel)

They stared at each other for a long while, their eyes saying the words they dared not speak. The air was thick with the potent energy of lovers discovering each other for the first time. Without breaking contact, Swing leaned back on his pillows and held out a strong hand, inviting and welcoming Alishka to his bed.
As if in a waking dream, Alishka took his hand and stood beside the bed, her hazel eyes never leaving his. Squeezing his hand gently, she let it fall and slowly started to remove her chemise, her body swaying with the sea as it fell away, feeling the cool sea breeze seductively kiss her skin.
His heart seemed to beat outside his body as Swing watched her undress in the moonlight. As each piece of cloth fell and he drank in more of her curvaceous, womanly form, he wondered if a man could ever tire of such a sight. Languidly, she removed the remainder of her undergarments and stood beside his bed, fully exposed and vulnerable, but with a quiet strength that caused Swing to hold his breath.
Slowly and gracefully, she climbed onto his bed, running her hands across his naked chest, relishing the feel of his slim form beneath her fingers. Pressing her body into his, . . .

HA HA HA HA. oh man. you should try it. they are so funny!!


Angiegirl said...


That was hysterical.

beckster said...

Honey, you are turning into me....I LOVE IT!!!