Monday, August 17, 2009

dreams, auditions, and goals

Well my dear blogging friends, this weekend was sort of crazy! Let's start at the beginning shall we?


so after an interesting friday evening, i went to sleep around 11 pm knowing i had to wake up super early saturday morning for ballet company auditions. well, my poor body decided that it needed some nightmares to help me not sleep well.

This nightmare was SO weird! In it, Sister B and I had this awful, deathly disease. We were coughing and sneezy up blood and guts and both in the hospital at death's door. Although Sister B was closer than I. I woke up in the middle of the night lying on my back. It was odd.


The annual auditions for the studio's dance companies were Saturday. I taught the senior company audition and then had a meeting, went shopping, showered and then went back to watch the junior company audition. All auditions went well and I feel like I have a good company this year. Even if they are young and inexperienced. I'll get to train these girls from the bottom up and I'll see a ton of improvement and that's really exciting to me. :o) Here's to a good year!!


Sister B is my sponsor for said goals. I decided that I needed someone to answer to, to make sure I'm doing things instead of just picking goals and then not doing them. So! my goals are as follows:

In the next 5 weeks I will:
  • lose 10 lbs (totally do able!)
  • read 2 books for enjoyment
  • Finish the Book of Mormon (I'm in the middle of 3rd Nephi)
  • Read another church-y book
  • Run a 5k (august 29)
  • do yoga 2x a week
  • cut music and start choreography for jr. company's contemporary piece
I think that's all...but i'm having a hard time remembering all of my goals right now.....I'll keep you posted on how things go!


Matt and Amber said...

I love how the Book of Mormon and other churchy book don't count as the 2 books for enjoyment ;)

Hey - when are we going to play?