Thursday, July 16, 2009

2 Truths and a Lie

Let's play a game. It's called 2 truths and a lie. I will list two truths and one lie. you decide which one is the lie. I'll reveal the answer tomorrow. :o) (it really isn't hard...i just don't know how to lie)

#1 - the place where I got my car sent me a letter telling me that they couldn't finance me and no institution will finance me. I just got a raise & a promotion which = double income plus some. I explained this to one financial institution, but it doesn't change anything b/c of my time at my job. I called the dealer to figure it out...but it hasn't been solved yet. I might have to give up Flounder on Saturday...this will be sad.

#2 - I have been running every day for a while now and can now run 5 miles w/out death. This makes me happy because I like to be in shape and it feels super to good to be a runner who goes more than just a few blocks down in cougartown. I am awesome.

#3 - My sweetheart SwingKid told me yesterday that he wants to take me on a date tonight (him planning something is a little rare) and today he informed me that he is taking me to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince with his family (whom I LOVE with ALL my heart)!!!



Angiegirl said...

You are so cute. I'm excited for tonight!!

I'm not certain which one is the lie. I'm going to go with #2, though. And if I'm right, I'm very, very sorry about #1. If I'm wrong then congratulations on 5 miles! I'm suitably impressed.

Chillygator said...

Oh man! I even know this one! But I don't want to cheat (o: