Tuesday, July 14, 2009

(adjective) Tuesday...

I need something to make today AWESOME. Unlike some people (read: Sister B), I don't have the Harry Potter movie to look forward to.

How do I keep myself from getting sad from seeing said movie?

Ice cream? Brownies? Zucchini Bread?

a new book? (i am actually starting this one: Archangel today.)

a different movie? perhaps the 5th one?

So, dear readers, what are you doing tonight? Are you watching the midnight showing of what should be a fabulous movie? Or are you doing something else to distract yourself? Please share...


robinawallace said...

I went to the midnight show of harry potter. I almost didn't get in. I got to the theater around 8 and my brother and I got in within the last 5 tickets. Everyone else that was there had to wait until 3 in the morning to see the movie. It was crazy down there but the manager said that all of Oregon was sold out for the show at midnight.