Thursday, May 25, 2006

spunky lady

so i went out to dinner with my family last night right? well it was a lot of fun. dinner with the fam is sometimes not looked upon with excitement. but last night, it was a lot of fun! so...
my aunt helen, (who i haven't seen since i don't know when) is such a spunky lady! I love her! too bad my grandpa isn't more like her....things might be more interesting. although my mom is kind of like her, which is weird cause she is my grandpa's half sister. hmmm.. anywho she was just really cute at dinner, and even though my grandma is more of a punk then spunky, aunt helen didn't let her bother her at all. it was awesome. :D

remember this post : double dutch...or not? well i just found out last night that Sky Captain is a girl he started dating shortly after our 'date' happened. the funny thing is, if i had let him continue pursuing me and things like that, i could be the one engaged to him. good thing i'm not though. as much as i love the kid, we wouldn't be good for each other.
other engaged friends: joey...and i thought she was going to wait for our friend BD who is in Italy, but i guess not. i hope she's happy.
well with that little burst of engagements over i am kinda glad that i am not getting married. i just want to play, a BF would be nice, and i have a couple of prospects, but they need to ask me out. if they don't i don't care, i'll just go on lots of dates. boss just left for the weekend, which will make tomorrow a VERY long day. but nice i guess. or something. i'll survive. i hope, be prepared for many postings tomorrow.... ;)