Wednesday, May 31, 2006


ha ha ha. so funniest thing all day, but then i am easily entertained as many of you know.

So i was talking to a professor (happens to be my fav.) at work today and he was complaining that his computer kept crashing and losing all his work.
and i said "well, have you talked to it?"
prof: "talked to it?"
me: "you know, like a plant. when you talk to a plant they grow bigger and better, so wouldn't a computer work better if you talked to it?"
prof: "and what do you say to your plants alishka?"
me: " killed my plants. not because i didn't talk to them, but because i forgot to water them"
prof: "hmm...maybe i shouldn't talk to my computer then..."

so yeah. funniest thing ever. it helps that this prof. is from austrailia so he has an awesome accent.

this weekend was pretty much uneventful...i went home and all that jazz. ate really good food. stayed up late. i love my fam. all in all, its been a good week so far. hurray for wednesday = hump day! ;)