Wednesday, May 24, 2006

hot dog!!

So its been a while since I blogged. Maybe that's because I have been sleep deprived as of late. he he he....

so Friday night I had rehearsal for Hansel and Gretel. After that my friends came and got me and we went to Salt Lake City to visit my PT friend. We then played games and such, getting me home at about 12:45 am. I went to bed at 1 am, which leads us to Saturday.

Saturday I was extremely exhausted. I was at the studio at 7:15, rehearsed, and then danced until 10:45, where I then decided to skip jazz, and take a nap. I took a nap for about 1/2 an hour, woke up and taught. The nap did me wonders. I finally got home and felt like doing a little bit of playing in the sun, so I went swimming. I then lazed about for the rest of the day, finally going to bed at 10:15. Which leads into Sunday

I had told roommie B that if I wasn't up by 11 to wake me up. Well the first thing that happened Sunday morning is Roommie B telling me to wake-up. That's right folks. I slept for 13 hours. And man did I need it!! Went to my meetings, followed by church, another meeting, and an AWESOME fireside where Sister Kathleen and Brother Dean Hughes spoke. They were so cute together, and they had some awesome things to say. I loved it.

Monday was a good day, work was kinda slow, but for the most part it was swell. I got to go to lunch with Roommie B and then after work I went to FHE. Which was a lot of fun, and I did some hardcore flirting. After FHE it was cleaning checks and that was fun.

Tuesdays are my new favorite days. I work for 3 hours, go to devotional, work another 3 hours and go to company. Its wonderful! After company I went home and changed, and then I went back to campus and went to the country dance club and went dancing. SO much fun!! I haven't been dancing in a while, and country dancing...Well....Its been even longer. I met a lot of cool people and danced many a dance, including two with The Duke. I don't know a lot, but duke is a good lead so I had a lot of fun. I think I had more fun doing the swing stuff cause I know more of that then I do the two step. However, I want to learn more two step so it was good that I got to practice with a good lead. ;) I love dancing. Its a good think I'm majoring in it.

today has been a good day, somewhat slow, but all in all a good day. I got a free hot dog for lunch today on campus...That was cool, unhealthy, but cool. :D now I am just sitting here at work, really quite bored...The work day is almost over and then I get to go out to dinner w/the fam and see my Great Aunt Helen who I haven't seen in ages. So yeah. Enjoy your day.