Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Have You Ever...

(okay, this is just to blog for now, i will update later with weekend updates...)

Been kissed: he he he…yes I am no longer a member of the VL club… ;)

Eaten sushi: nope, I like my food cooked thank you very much.

Gotten hyper: look who you’re talking to…duh!!

Been dumped: not really, I dumped him first, and then he pretended that he dumped me.

Eaten an entire pizza by yourself? Yes, but not in one sitting.

Been a rebel? No, yes, I mean…maybe ;)

Gotten in a car accident? Nope.

Ever liked someone older? Heck yeah.

Seen the white house? Well there’s this cute white house down the corner from where I live…oh wait, you mean THE white house…no, I wish.

Stayed home on a Saturday/Friday night just for the fun of it? One too many times.

Been in love? I think we can call it love…

Made home made cookies (from scratch)? I am the cookie queen, just give me a call and we can hook you up…you have to ask though…and they aren’t free ;)

Cold or hot? Well, I’d rather be hot than cold, but cold water is better to drink…I think it just depends. Although, if you’re cold, then cuddling is sooo worth it. ;)

New or old? Newer is better, for most things

Roses or daises? Gerbera daisies all the way, want to woo me? Give me a gerbera daisy… ;)

Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream? Vanilla, with fudge…

Winter or fall? Fall

Science or history? Mm…it’s a tie.

Do you like some one right now? When do I not like someone?

Do you have a secret crush? For the most part, he’s pretty secret….but I think a select few know that I like him.


What do you like in boys? Honors priesthood, knows how to dance (not ballet, ballroom/social stuff), loves to play, likes to cuddle, gives good hugs, knows how to have fun, and yet be serious when it matters. Has a strong testimony, supportive, wants to have a family, loves kids, and can deal with my family…(it’s a long list…someone will fill it one day)

Do you want a guy to ask your dad before he asks you out? To ask me out? Nah…to marry me, definitely!

Do you want your b/f to get you chocolate or jewelry? Hmmm…I like flowers the most, but chocolate is always good.


What do you look for in girls:
Athletic or not:
Hard to get or easy:
Who do you want to kiss right now:


Who is your funniest friend? Roommie B, for sure!

Who do you email the most? Mmm…email? Not sure.

Had a serious talk? All the time!

Hugged someone? Yes, I like good hugs

Got along with your parents? Most of the time.

Got along with your siblings? A lot better since I’ve moved out.

Fought with a friend? Not recently

Been depressed? nada

Danced in the rain? I haven’t had the chance, but I love dancing in the rain!!

(okay so the font is doing weird things...and i don't care enough to change it right now...)