Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Color me....

What color are you?
Orange -You're gay
Red -Taken
Green –Taking a break
Blue -Single & really like someone
Purple -Heartbroken
Black -Taken & cheating on someone
White -Single & not loving it , & not really hating it , you don't mind it
Yellow- Single & ok with it , but waiting for someone to come sweep you off your feet
Pink -Single and loving it
Tan -I eat people
Lavender -im a master ninja
Baby Blue -Single & confused about someone
Silver -Training to become a World Champion Sumo Wrestler.
Hot Pink -Crazy about someone & not sure how they feel about you.
Dark Red -missing someone to the point where everything reminds you of them
Dark Brown- you really don't care anymore
Light Brown- player for life

So... I think I am a lot of these colors. I am Pink, but also yellow. I have blue in me, with some Baby Blue as well. At times I am Dark Brown, and some might say Light Brown. So...what do you think? What color are you?