Tuesday, May 09, 2006

the battle.....plus a frosty.

hmmm....lets start with the battle portion shall we? you might be wondering what the battle is over....well there is always the battle of good and evil, then there is the battle of if i should eat a cookie or if i should eat a carrot (the cookie almost always wins that one) then there is the battle of epic proportions. the battle to get tan legs. you see, my legs look like this:

and i want them to look like this:

so anyways. i have never ever had tan legs. i am trying really hard to get tan legs, but this is a difficult and sometimes mundane task. i sit outside hoping to get some color, but more often than not, i don't get anything at all. so then today (this is where the frosty comes in) I am eating lunch with a very good friend of mine, he does ballroom, and is one of the coolest peeps i know, he needs a 'nym, but i'll come up with that later. anyways he and i went to wendy's to get lunch and then came back up to campus to eat in the sunshine, we started comparing tan lines on our arms and the topic came up on tan legs...and let me tell you, he almost has me beat!!! i don't know how he does it, you would think with me being a girl, and him a boy, i would have a little bit more color, but nope, that's not the case. my new goal: to win the war of tan legs and accomplish the next to impossible: to not have white legs. so wish me luck cause here i go!!

doesn't this look yummy?? mine was extremely good....let me tell you...maybe it helped that i had excellent company. ;)