Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day and all that jazz.

back to friday: 2 wedding receptions!!! I was worried that i wouldn't make them both, not only did i sleep forever on friday afternoon (which was weird cause i don't normally nap...) but my dad was late from SLC, but i still made it to S. Jordan for Roomie S's reception and then back to Orem for L & J's wedding reception. They were both nice, and suited each girl's personality. fun times. i got to spend time with Truit which made it even better. she and i watched Rent. It was a good movie, but I don't know if i would watch it again, the music was good, but the story defintiely wasn't sugar coated at all. but good stuff.

Saturday: i was at the studio at 7:15 in the morning. you know how early that is? pickin' early!!! ugh! but we got a lot of choregraphy done. one of the girls got pulled from the show, she missed too much, i am sad to see her go, she'll be missed. after company i taught, and its been costume week so all of my little girls go to wear their cute tu-tus. oh my gosh they are ADORABLE!!! i am so excited to see them on stage! after teaching i showered and looked cute, and truit and i went shopping, got some new makeup, went to Wally-world and then she and i went ring shopping for fun, cause she might be getting engaged, and might not, so we went for fun. :) she definitely likes the major bling-bling, while i like something more simple and cute. its funny to see our differences in taste of jewelry. all in all saturday was a good day.

Sunday = a good mother's day, hope yours was good too. After teaching Relief Society (which was way fun, I thoroughly enjoyed it) and going to our Sacrament Meeting, I got the chance to go home. :) So i ate free food, had some cheesecake, and gave my mom her gift, which was a plant, a Sun Star, and here's a picture of the really cool plant.
my mom is awesome, and i love her to death!!
monday consisted of a lot of sun bathing, some swimming, and reading a book. i then went to FHE where we played Disc Golf and I got eaten alive by mosquitos even though i lathered on the bug spray. bah.

today has been good, its really hot, but i don't want to go swimming due to the fact that i have ballet, and if i got burned (which i most likely would) then it would be no fun being in a leotard. especially cause my leotard and swimsuit don't have the same cut so it woudl REALLY hurt. lol. i just realized that there is 1 month (from tomorrow) until our show Hansel & Gretel. I am slightly worried about that....we are getting closer to being done, but not that close yet. yikes!!!
that's all...enjoy your tuesday.