Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a little bit of news and a request....

Dear Friends,

As many of you know and have heard me talk about time and time again - I have NEVER been to Disneyland. Which is so shocking considering my love for everything Disney - especially the princesses. I mean, even my car is named after a Disney character!!

That is going to change in less than 2 months.


whew. Okay.

So yeah, I'm going to Disneyland. Well, really, I'm going to L.A. the 3rd weekend in March for my dear friend's runway show and while I'm there I'm going to go to Disneyland (as a birthday present to myself!). I'm so freakin' excited. Some of you know just exactly how excited I am - I get all giggly and excited and I turn into a little girl. It's quite the sight.


I need your help. I'm pretty sure that 90% of my readership has been to Disneyland at least once and I need your suggestions. I'm probably only going to have one day there - so what shouldn't I miss? Also, I like to be prepared for everything so any other tips or tricks would be great. The friends I'm going with (I'll post more about that later) already have connections for cheap tickets, place to stay etc so we're covered in that regard.

ALSO. I need your opinion. I know I'm going to want a bag or something of some sort to carry my ticket, any fast passes, chap stick (I'm addicted), water bottle (maybe?) and snacks. So....I figure I'll probably make one to cater my needs. The question is do I go with a sling type of bag like this one:

but possibly smaller in dimensions (I love all the pockets!!)

or something that attaches more firmly to myself (however hideous and tacky it may seem) like this one:

with really cute/fun fabric that expresses my personality....

Sigh. I just don't know. I might just have to make them both..... :o) (I really do have a VERY unhealthy obsession with bags. I love them oh so much!)

So, any suggestions, comments, well-wishes would be very welcome! I am so excited for this's going to take all of my (non-existent) patience to make it until the day I leave.....  :o)

Love Always,
Alishka Babushka


Maggie B. said...

Go with a bag you can sling over your body - crosswise. And keep your cash in your pocket.

Have a great trip. I'm jealous. Been to Disney World twice, but don't have many memories of either time.

Do they have an animal safrai type place there? Or an Epcot. I've heard AMAZING things about Epcot...

Bill said...

I vote sling bag.

heather said...

Hold up. (I don't even know you and this is my first time over here, -I read a few posts down, you're way cute -by the way... BUT) Is that bottom one a Fanny Pack!??

My vote is to always stay true to you. Even if it is a fanny pack.

(Holy crap, are those back in?? I am SO. DANG. OLD.)

heather said...

Oh, and so you know. Last time I went to Disneyland? I was four. Haven't been back since.

erin said...

I wrote a comment and I don't know where it went. Anyway, I would wear your sling; you will want a water bottle (refill it as you go through the park and save $$). Don't put anything you value in the outside pockets though, like your money. Slings are a good size; I usually take one and it is small enough to take on rides so you won't have to worry about leaving it off a ride. I've never had a problem at Disneyland with theft but just be careful, as always. And remember to go to Guest Services and get a FIRST VISIT pin! :)