Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 6: Decade or Region

Good Monday morning my dear friends.

I just want you to know that life is amazing. That's all.

Anyways, moving on. ;) Today's challenge was to use decades and/or region in our outfits today. I wondered how I was going to do it...but then I had this brilliant idea. I was going to use the 80s as my inspiration. (crazy, I know) But...I really think it worked. So...first, a picture to show you what I was trying to channel today:

I really liked the cut off/bright color look of this outfit - as well as the side ponytail.

So, without further ado, my outfit today:

this picture TOTALLY distorts the colors. :P BUT I'm wearing a darker pink cut off sweater (although it was made that way - I totally think it goes 80s-ish) (also, I have NO idea where I got it...) and a light pink downeast under it with skinny jeans (Target).

THEN I did my hair like so:

a cute side pony tail with a matching ribbon! :o) go me!

This was really fun to put together an outfit inspired by a decade...but that is still modern. I'm awesome. :o)


Janelle said...

You're so brave, and it looks great!

Rose said...

I love it!! Great job. :)