Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 2: Monochromatic

Well...here we are Tuesday. I'm so glad you came, it sort of felt like you would never get here. sigh.

Anywho, today is Day Two of the Challenge: Winter Edition. :o) Last time I did a Monochromatic outfit I went with a bold color - green. AND.....I felt like I looked like a vegetable. I felt pretty ridiculous all day long.

This time around I went with something safer (and warmer!):

You can't really tell by this picture (stupid grainy ipod!) but this gray shirt (Forever 21) has a vertical stripe to it. I tried to wear a scarf, but it just didn't jive with my hair today. Also, I love these slacks (JC Penney's) because I can wear them with something tucked in or I can wear a pretty tunic/blouse over them. The only downside? No pockets. I hate pants with no pockets. Drives me batty. :P

So there you go, day 2! :o) Until next time!

p.s. I'm going to do my Tender Mercy Tuesday post separately a little later today, I feel like it deserves its own post. ALSO, a dating battle story is coming up and you're going to LOVE it. :o)


Kayla said...

I think head-to-toe gray looks so classy and clean. Very nice!

Freckles in April

Rebecca from See Me Rwar said...

Classic look! Way to go!

See Me Rwar

Emily said...

Hey! I am monochromatic today too! All gray, except a purple shirt underneath. I love the color gray in winter.