Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Armchair BEA, Ten on Tuesday and a sad story

okay, let's start at the beginning shall we? Today kicks off the beginning of BEA in NY. My friend Angie over at Angieville is currently walking the halls and meeting awesome people. I couldn't attend BEA for realsies, so instead I'm participating in Armchair BEA. What is Armchair BEA you ask? Well, go HERE for a great little explanation. I have a few posts lined up for this event and I hope to attend the Twitter party for a little bit! Make sure to visit me tomorrow when I interview Florinda over at The 3 R's Blog. It's going to be a fun little event and I'm excited to be a participant this year.

Let's skip Ten on Tuesday for a minute - you'll find that meme below the sad story.

I burned my hand on my curling iron this morning. It hurts. It's not just a little burn, it's about the size of a nickel and it HURTS. I've run it under cold water, put aloe vera on it, put ice on it and it still hurts. sad right? I know.

Okay, so the sad story wasn't that long. don't sue me k?

Moving swiftly on...

TEN ON TUESDAY! by Chelsea at Roots and Rings

1. What is your favourite piece of furniture in your house?
hmmm. I am in love with my bed. I upgraded to a Queen size bed after graduation and I am in major love.

2. If it was raining so hard on a Saturday that you couldn’t leave your house, what would you spend the day doing?
Oh I could easily spend the whole day reading curled up in my blanket, but if that day was today I would probably spend it cleaning, cooking and getting things ready for my vacation this weekend.

3. What was your favourite candy as a child?
oh I LOVED going to the little burger joint up the street and purchasing penny candy. An assortment of sour patch kids, swedish fish (in just red and multi-colors!) and those watermelons and stuff. Oh yeah. so yummy.

4. Did you get an allowance? What was it based on? What did you do with it?
Nope. No allowance. I did have a paper route at age 10 and that's how I earned my money to pay for my pointe shoes.

5. Do you have a favourite Etsy store?
Not really, but my mom has one so I guess that's my favorite!!

6. Do you prefer time with family or time with friends?
I love time with both of them.

7. Looney Tunes, Tiny Toons, or Animaniacs?
Looney Tunes. That's the good stuff.

8. Best daytime talk show: Oprah, Ellen, The Doctors, Tyra (ha!), Dr. Oz, or Dr. Phil?
Since I work all day, I really don't watch daytime anything. However, when I've been home sick or on vacation, I love Ellen
9. Would you rather have the power of invisibility or the ability to fly?
Oh this one is hard. There are pros and cons to both, but I'd have to go with the ability to fly. That just sounds awesome.

10. Name 1 thing you love about being an adult.
I love that I get to choose my meal plans and what I do from day to day. No one tells me what to do.


Angela said...

I burned my ear on my flat iron yesterday, it wasn't fun. Hopefully your burn isn't hurting anymore. :)

Chris said...

lol Those are great questions!

I love your header. It's so cute.