Friday, April 16, 2010


While techinically I "started" my job one year ago yesterday, according to my hiring docs I started one year ago today. So I sort of have two anniversarys. The reason? Our time cards end on the 15th and start anew on the 16th. So to make it easy for my hiring stuff - I officially was hired today, the 16th of April. Hard to believe I have really been working here for a year already.

In other news, my wonderful, fabulous orthopedic surgeon who, 6 months ago bore bad news and ended up invading my knee, informed me yesterday that my knee "is solid as a rock" and that I should "start trusting it to do more." Basically I was given the green light to dance and be merry and never to set foot in his office again. done and done!!!

To celebrate this wonderful occasion, SwingKid and I are going dancing in SLC!!! We're going to be at THIS PARTY and if you are looking for something awesome to do, make sure to "swing" by and participate in the fun times we'll be having. I'm rather excited!!! Woot!

And now, for some Friday Fill-in Awesomeness!!!

1. I'd like to never have to see my knee doctor again!
2. One of my most favorite romantic memories is my first kiss with SwingKid. Sigh.
3. Last night, I had a pretty awesome salad for dinner.
4. Sorry for the times of non-posting. I'm committing to being a better blogger from here on out.
5. Can we please play in the sun now?
6. One of my worst temptations is chocolate and a new book; they are super hard to resist!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to cleaning my disaster of a kitchen and maybe making red velvet cake?, tomorrow my plans include teaching, choreography, a meeting and DANCING and Sunday, I want to soak in some beautiful sunshine!

note from the editor: it seems I have never before blogged on the 16th of April. Who knew? guess there's always a first time for everything!


erin said...

Don't swear off your doctor yet. Nobody told me that once you tear your ACL the likelihood that you'll tear your other knee goes up... I'm not cursing you, but just be aware. Hopefully you'll never have to see him, though; I do hope for that. Knee visits are no fun. My knee is good too so I hope to never see mine either.